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You wouldn’t ask a plumber for advice if you had a toothache would you?

So then why would you listen to someone’s advice on making money when they haven’t made any?

It just doesn’t make sense does it? But I get it all the time: “So and so told me not to get involved with this and that because they said it won’t work”.

Worryingly the usual suspects are normally those of your closest family and friends.

Now I’m sure they try to mean well but unfortunately they are just misguided in their efforts or just plain wrong; unless of course they have extensive special experience that can be helpful to you or they have already shown they are successful entrepreneurs and you know from past experience that they are supportive of your ideas.

But that’s rarely ever the case.

Unless you choose very carefully, your “expert” may have absolutely nothing from which to base their opinion about your idea, even if they are successful in their own profession.

How much do your friends and family know about Internet Marketing? Or what it takes to pull in over £70,000 a month? Think about it.

I’ve experienced this first hand from my own parents. Mum would always tell me to be ‘realistic’ whenever I shared with her my dream one day of being extremely wealthy and retiring at 30.
The conversation would invariably end with them telling me to ‘stop dreaming’ and concentrate on getting a good education.

It wasn’t that they weren’t supportive of me, they just didn’t want me to ever be disappointed and that was their way of protecting me as parents do. They didn’t know any better.

But here’s the problem. You won’t find a teacher arriving at school with a £100,000 car -and it’s more likely that they own a semi-detached (with a mortgage) then a £1 million pound penthouse. They work 9 to 5 with someone always telling them what to do but these are the people who are teaching us?

I remember visiting my branch manager when I first started out in Internet Marketing. He simply could not understand how self employment worked, they’re just not on the same wave length, and it’s completely alien to them because they get a pay packet every month regardless of how they perform – unless of course they’re sacked.

So why then would we seek advice from them when they have no real experience of business in the real world?

In fact my bank manager actually suggested to me not to get involved with Internet Marketing as he could not see it as a ‘viable business’

Here’s someone with absolutely no experience of running a home based business telling another person they shouldn’t start the business of their choosing. This manager had never operated a home based business, never earned a million pounds and has no concept of financial freedom – because he won’t ever experience it unless he gives up his job.

So how the hell can he give business advice? Think about it.

We have the freedom to choose and yes it’s good to listen to the advice of other people – but ONLY when they KNOW through hands on experience, what they are talking about. Like I said earlier, it’s much like asking your plumber for advice on your bad tooth.

If you only wanted to know how to live an ordinary life, by that I mean the usual of living in a semi on a housing estate with 2.5 kids and a couple of holidays a year to Benidorm and maybe a company car then expect sound advice from a bank manager. He knows exactly how you can reach such levels.

And that’s because of course it’s pretty much what a manager’s life is like.

But also consider the lifestyle of other people whom you might choose to seek advice from. Are they living the lifestyle of a bank manager or the lifestyle you aspire to?

Going back to teachers for a minute, consider what they teach us. We are driven to get good grades, go on to take further education, maybe university so we can get decent qualifications.

Why? To get a good job (and good grades doesn’t even guarantee that these days)

Then for the next umpteen years we should strive for a promotion in our chosen careers we until we reach the top…then retire at 65 if you’re a woman and 70 if you’re a man. And for a few more years, we can collect a pittance in pension…if there’s anything left in the kitty by then that is.

That is unless you break away from the system.

So the bottom line is this: Be careful who you seek advice from, remember free advice is worth exactly what you paid for it.

If you have a toothache – speak to your dentist.

And if you want to make money from YourNetBiz? I’ll speak to you soon.

Hi Simon here,

If you surf the net quite a bit looking for a home opportunity involving the Internet then no doubt by now you will have come across a little business called YourNetBiz (formerly MyInternetBusiness)

I’m not going to go in to too much detail as to what this business is all about, neither am I going talk about the commission structure as I’m assuming you’ve already taken the tour so I won’t be throwing any figures at you.

The question I always get asked is? “Can I really make money from YourNetBiz?”

My answer is always a “Maybe”

How successful you’re going to be in this business or any business for that matter, be it online or offline, will depend largely on you. Period.

There, I said it.

I’ve seen some rake in thousands a day running a successful eBay business and I’ve seen some yet to make a solitary penny.

The same goes for those involved with Direct Marketing to Affiliate Marketing to Forex Trading to Sports Betting to running a Fish & Chip shop.

So you agree with this statement: “you’ve either got it or you don’t’?

If you agree then I’m going to politely disagree.

Clearly there are hundreds of examples of people who have ‘it’: Woods, Beckham, Federer, Gates, Branson, Hamilton… The list goes on

Let’s face it, not everyone can ‘bend it like Beckham’ but we can all kick a ball. And with a bit of practice you might even become half decent.

The same applies to YourNetBiz which is essentially Internet Marketing in a box. Some people will pick things up a lot quicker than others but hey – we’re all different and we all have our own agendas.

The main reason people fail when it comes to an Internet business is because of the misconception that it will be easy. They don’t actually realise there’s ultimately going to be work involved and when they do- they’ll invariably look for something else.

Preferably something easier.

That’s why there’s a lot of rich Internet Marketers.

Remember this: An Internet business is STILL business. And a real business requires hard work, commitment, passion, willingness to learn and most importantly putting into action what you learn consistently every day to reaching your goal.

If you’re willing to do that, then yes. Yes you can make money from YouNetBiz.

As the title suggests, this is my YourNetBiz ‘truth’ review. And when I say review, I mean just that. This isn’t a sales letter so you won’t be pitched to any point – beginning, middle, end or anywhere in between.

There will be no hidden agendas, hidden sales messages or silent salesman.

Instead this is a straight to the point, no B.S., no hype, no fluff, no fillers, no smoke, no mirrors warts and all unbiased review on:

‘The most lucrative and dynamic homes based business available achieving high levels of income and financial freedom with the most powerful turnkey system on the internet’

Please note that this isn’t going to be your regular nuts and bolts of how YourNetBiz operates as a business. If you don’t know anything about the company or the compensation plan then please take the tour because suffice to say if you don’t, the rest of this report won’t make a whole lot of sense to you.

This review isn’t about showing mathematics, diagrams or pie-charts to illustrate how much money you could potentially make if you sold ‘X’ amount of packages.

No, I’m pretty sure you can work that bit out for yourself with a calculator.

Instead, this review is written under the assumption that you have already:

  1. Gone through the tour for the umpteenth time…
  2. Registered your details on every YourNetBiz landing page…
  3. Seen numerous video’s on YouTube and thought to yourself “Hmm.. I could do a better job than that…”
  4. Contacted a few potential mentors. Twice.
  5. Been on a couple of free webinars…

But STILL…remain uncertain about whether or not this opportunity is right for you and more importantly – whether or not you can really make the sort or income suggested, and if you can, what attributes you’re going to need.

And yes you will need certain attributes. Did you really think it’s was just going to be a case of able to ‘point and click’ as some dubious videos suggest?

OR…you could just be one of the many who are downright confused. And who can blame you? The internet is filled with so many people who are cheerleaders for YourNetBiz it’s pretty difficult to get into the meat and bones of the business. I mean the concept is pretty straight forward but skills you need in order to succeed are a different matter…

Just type in ‘YourNetBiz review’ then voila! You’ll get lots of seemingly unbiased YourNetBiz posts – promising to give you an in-depth report on what’s really going on.

Except when you click on them you’ll soon discover that they are all PRO-YourNetBiz Posts, written by…you guessed it…YourNetBiz members.

The internet is now so full of people involved in this opportunity over the past year that it’s becoming increasing difficult to really make an informed decision as to whether or not this business will work for the newbies contemplating coming on board.

So what makes this report any different?

True, I too am a YourNetBiz member. And yes I do make a lot of money from this business but essentially YourNetBiz is just one of my many income streams.

If you look into my background I’ve been a successful internet marketer and made my fortune long before YourNetBiz and that I didn’t just jump on the YourNetBiz bandwagon. Take a look at my Income Proof page to see my other income streams.

What I’m trying to say (without meaning to sound like I’m up my own ass) is that I routinely make huge amounts of money online, with or without YourNetBiz. So well and truly, I have no need to go through the trouble of creating a half-hearted, biased report in an attempt to get you on board my team.

By the end of this report you will be either one of two; 1. Raring to go, with full guns blazing… or 2. Tucking your credit card back in your pocket. Either way I will have fulfilled my objective, which is to give you an informed decision before parting with your hard earned cash.

Let me continue by reassuring you that YourNetBiz is a legitimate business and yes a lot of can be made so let’s see if you’re going to be one of them shall we?

Will YouMake Money With YourNetBiz?

Ah… the $2995 question.

The easy and generic answer to that question would be – ‘you get out what you put in.’ But I know that’s not going to help you very much so I’m going to give you a more detailed answer and get into the specifics on the qualities you will need that’s going to sort you from the top earners and the 98% that won’t stand a chance of breaking even.

I know everyone’s different so let me continue under the assumption that you are, at the very least:

  • Of average intelligence (no, seriously)
  • Can spare at least 3-4 hrs a day
  • Have a rough idea of finding their way around a computer
  • Relatively a quick learner with a willingness to learn
  • NOT prone to procrastination
  • Confident in talking in front of a camera with personality

So, when and if you decide to come on board you will now have yourself a ‘business in a box.’

In a nutshell there are three ways you will make money:

  1. Selling the opportunity on;
  2. Receiving a percentage of commission from future sales made by the person directly beneath you;
  3. Selling digital products from the retail library.

First, lets talk about opportunity as this seems to be the main, if not, the only reason why people join (wrong in my opinion, but we’ll come to that.)

Most people would reason “a hefty personal commission of up to $2,195? Why WOULDN’T you focus on this?”

Before you start getting too excited answer this question:

Once you become a member “What will be your unique selling proposition (USP) when it comes to recruiting new people into the business?” Think carefully.

In other words what benefits, expertise or knowledge can you give your new prospects over other YNB members splattered over Google and across 50 pages of YouTube?

What’s going to separate you from the rest of the crowd?

If your current strengths are along the lines of being able to answer the phone in less than 3 rings, equipped to answer any questions providing you have a minute to Google the answer and relatively competent in uploading a few YouTube videos then I assure you this – you’re not going to make many sales. If any.

And if by chance you did manage to recruit from just your wonderful personality alone, it won’t be long until they find out you don’t actually know very much about making money online and request a transfer to another mentor.

I could tell you how many people have transferred over to my team, but I won’t. I’ve lost count.

Reality check

People don’t buy people first. They don’t buy products first either. They buy solutions that are going to solve their problems first.

And only if you have the solutions to their problems – then they move on to the likability factor, so just having a wonderful personality isn’t going to be quite enough I’m afraid. After all, your prospect isn’t going to part with close to $3,000 just to be your Facebook buddy.

Marketers who have made a success of other schemes can offer proof that they can be good mentors – they can also offer proof that they have made a great deal of money from the internet.

New members who cannot prove that they have made any money and will always be at a large disadvantage. Period.

New members will also find that they are joining an ever increasing number of competitors for the same leads and because the opportunity is basically reselling the opportunity on, every member is a competitor to the others. Yes, that’s you included.

This is where the problem lies; Too many new members focus on selling the opportunity without making any attempt whatsoever to actually learn internet marketing as they go along, and that’s the number one reason why they fail.. and fail miserably.

Internet RECRUITING isn’t internet MARKETING.

Almost every other week I’ll get a new member who joined up a month ago contact me asking for advice. It normally goes a little something like this:

“Hi Simon, my name is ***** and I’m already a member of YourNetBiz. I hope you don’t mind me approaching you but I really need help.

I joined up a few months ago and I still haven’t made one sale. I’ve have a landing page, website, blog, and I’ve joined every social marketing network available.

I write articles twice a week and have uploaded 12 YouTube videos. What am I doing wrong?!”

My usual response is “what’s your USP?”

My usual response back is “er… I don’t know.”

I come across too many newbies who are under the illusion they would make a five figure month from just a few YouTube videos (even the dodgy ones), joining Twitter, submitting articles..etc..etc

They get told to focus on branding themselves and that in itself would be enough to make a killing.

Hmm. Okay. Branding yourself doing what exactly? Some people become self declared gurus straight after putting up their first website – but what’s the point in that?

That’s the equivalent of branding yourself as a top piano teacher without actually knowing how to play the piano.

So What Should You Do?

A long term profitable business is first built on strong foundations, and that means starting somewhere. Listen, every successful marketer begins with zero and zero customers, but you learn and build from there.

If you want to join YourNetBiz then be prepared to market the opportunity AND learn how to market the products. When you do then two things happen:

1. You start making money straight away even if you haven’t recruited anyone.

2. Your prospects will start paying closer attention to YOU because you know your stuff, and as a result you become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Notice I didn’t say you have to be “better than everyone”. You just have to be better than average. And that’s going to be your USP.

Yes, you can quickly amass a 6 figure income by recruiting people under you – no doubt about it. But you also need to take into account that some people will simply just have more of a natural flair in being able to sell themselves, having the ability to ‘connect’ with people easier and as a result – recruit easier.

For others this might be a skill that requires a bit more effort to cultivate. Since I don’t know you I wouldn’t know which category you’d fall into, but if it was the latter; wouldn’t it then make more sense to have some money coming in from the products whilst figuring the rest out?

The answer is obviously a yes, but no one does it. I’m guessing, no, I’m almost certain people don’t do it this way is because 99% of sponsors don’t know how to play the piano either.

So carry on your search and due-diligence and be wary of anyone who tells you to:

“Just focus on selling the opportunity – that’s where the big money is” or “You’ve got to sell a high-ticket product to make decent money.”

This basically translates “I don’t actually know how to play the piano – sorry.

Oh and if you don’t think you can’t make any money from selling digital products, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I make more money selling the products than 95% of so called top producers do selling the opportunity.

Only kidding. It’s probably closer to 99%.

I hope this report has been delivered as intended – thought provoking and honest. You will by now have much more of an understanding with regards to not just YourNetBiz but internet marketing and more importantly, the skills and attitude you need to separate yourself from the crowd should you decide to join.

Either way I wish you the very best in whatever you decide to do.

To your success,


Are you one of the many thousands of individuals who have thought about what it would be like to work from home, in your own business? Has fear of the unknown kept you from looking into such an opportunity? YourNetBiz alleviates those fears once and for all by providing you benefits that most individuals only dream about.

Firstly, working from home allows you the freedom to schedule your day, your way. No more corporate 9 to 7 – you work when you want to work, at the pace you want to work. No more bosses breathing down your neck, with unrealistic deadlines and imposed quotas to meet. You set your own hours!

Secondly, with
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YourNetBiz is just about as “set and forget” as it gets! Imagine being able to take a leisurely trip to some exotic locale while having your business on virtual auto-pilot generating income, while you’re away! You are able to resume working AFTER you get done playing, just as if you had never left.

Fourthly, working from home saves you that boring commute, increasing productivity by not utilizing precious time and resources getting to and from work. If you choose, simply jump out of bed and you’re ready to work.

YourNetBiz affords you the opportunity to spend more time with your family. The biggest complaint expressed by those in the outside working world is the lack of time they have to spend with family. With a set work schedule and commute to the 9 to 7, it’s no wonder that individual’s become so frustrated with the outside working world!

Sixthly, working from home allows you to work in an environment that is comfortable for you which helps eliminate the normal stresses associated with “working”. No more tension headaches from work pressures, no more anxiety from trying to meet deadlines. By reducing work-related stress by working from home with
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Seventhly, there’s nothing like being your own boss. Having your own home-based business puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to make the decisions that will determine your growth.

Lastly, one of the biggest advantages of working from with
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